Nancy (Mom)

Nancy (Mom) has been creating some form of art for over 35 years.  She is certified as a Bob Ross Floral Instructor.  She and Nancie (Daughter) have always been creating art of some type for many years.  They both were self-taught Stained Glass instructors through the Anchorage Community Schools program.  They each find it satisfying and fun to teach others the joy of using different mediums on everyday items as well as canvas.  It’s a known joke in our family that if you sit around long enough in Moms house, she’ll paint you too!


Nancie (Daughter)

Nancie (Daughter) grew up with creative and crafty people.  Besides Mom’s artistic talents, she was taught the joys of sewing, crocheting, acrylic artwork and repurposing treasures found at garage sales by both of her Grandmothers.  She has a full time job but gets so much pleasure out of sharing her love for crafts with her family and friends.  She also owns “In Rust We Trust” and creates hand cut plasma art.


Sarah (Daughter & Granddaughter) aka Not Nancie

Sarah (Daughter & Granddaughter) wasn't born with the natural creative and crafty bones that her mom and grandma were. Instead, she was born with the technical bones. Sarah manages the marketing, Facebook, and website part of the business.